Durham Child Psychologist

Anxiety Group for Children


This group offers education and coping tools to help elementary aged children with anxiety symptoms. The group is designed for children who are “worriers,” have many fears, and experience panic and/or other physical symptoms. Coping skills are taught using cognitive behavioral strategies.

Does your child get nervous easily?
Does your child worry a lot?
Does your child have stomachaches, headaches, or have trouble sleeping?


Ten weekly sessions, Tuesdays 4:15-5:15.  Groups are ongoing; please inquire about the next start date.
May be billed to insurance. Clients may be responsible for a copayment.


  • Physiological response to anxiety
  • Worry control
  • Coping statements
  • Deep breathing
  • Relaxation exercises
  • Self-talk
  • Problem Solving

Why are groups effective with children?

Groups enable children to form bonds with peers in a structured environment that enables them to discuss feelings and ideas openly, with reduced risk of inappropriate negative interactions (e.g., teasing, ridicule).

Groups enable children to understand that their concerns are not unique to them and that there is not “something wrong with them.” Group discussions may assist children in discussing and coming to appreciate that others share their problems, fears, and worries.

Through the use of developmentally appropriate structured activities, children are often able to articulate personal feelings and interpersonal feedback to their peers that they would have difficulty verbalizing to adults. Often, children accept more readily constructive feedback from peers than from adults.

Finally, groups enable therapists to reach more children more quickly and at a lower cost to families relative to individual counseling.

Call Heather Norman-Scott, PhD to schedule an initial screening at 919-228-9227.